Our Promise: One pill, one bottle, one prescription, one refill, one dispensing fee, one co-pay, once-a-day.

About CardioPharma

CardiaPill is comprised of a formulation combining a “statin”, an “ACE Inhibitor” and aspirin.

Statins moderate cholesterol levels and include products such as Lipitor®, Zocor®, Pravachol®; and Crestor®. ACE inhibitors reduce blood pressure and include products such as Altace®, Lotesin®, Capoten® and Accupril®.

CardioPharma was formed by successful senior pharmaceutical executives who acquired rights to certain patents from Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

The benefits of CardiaPill are compelling and well documented. The three drugs work together to provide their own benefits, as well as some observed synergies.

These patents protect the formulation method and method of use invented by researchers who combined the most commonly prescribed drugs for those at risk for cardiovascular disease into one presentation. The lead combination drug has been named “CardiaPill®.”

The principal elements of our strategy comprise:

  • Aggressively advancing our cardiovascular product candidates based on our intellectual property
  • Successfully commercializing our products throughout the world
  • Establishing cost-effective compliance-based global cardiovascular disease treatment protocols
  • Building strategic relationships that enhance and complement our own product development and commercial organization
  • Protecting and enhancing the intellectual property surrounding our products
  • Continuing to build our strong management and scientific expertise