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American Heart Association

  • Abuse and adversity in childhood linked to more cardiovascular risk in adulthood
    Statement Highlights: Children and teens who experience abuse, bullying, neglect or witness violence and other forms of adversity are more likely to develop heart and blood vessel diseases as adults. Unhealthy responses to stress (such as overeating), mental health problems and disruptions in basic biologic processes may underlie the increased risk.
  • Los malos tratos y las adversidades durante la infancia están relacionados con un mayor riesgo de desarrollar enfermedades cardiovasculares en la edad adulta
    Puntos destacados del informe: Los niños y adolescentes que experimentan episodios de malos tratos, acoso escolar y abandono, o bien que presencian actos de violencia y otras formas de adversidad, son más propensos a desarrollar enfermedades cardíacas y vasculares en la edad adulta. Las respuestas poco saludables al estrés (por ejemplo, comer en exceso), los problemas de salud mental y las alteraciones en los procesos biológicos básicos pueden ser la causa de este mayor riesgo.
  • American Heart Association names new general counsel
    The American Heart Association, the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke, has named attorney M. Lewis Kinard as executive vice president, general counsel and assistant corporate secretary for the organization at its international headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Kinard succeeds Lynne M. Darrouzet, who previously announced plans to retire and who moves into a special project role -- of counsel -- to Association executive management.
  • American Heart Association raises concerns about Senate tax bill
    American Heart CEO Nancy Brown issued a statement today on the concerns raised about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act approved by the Senate. Among the concerns raised were the proposed repeal of the health insurance mandate, removal of the charitable tax deduction, and substantial cuts to domestic programs, including Medicare and the Prevention Fund.
  • Senate tax bill will deprive more Americans of affordable health care, says 15 patient/consumer groups
    Today a group of 15 non-partisan patient and consumer organizations issued a statement on the passage of the Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The patient and consumer community joins members of the provider and insurance communities in raising the alarm about the consequences of the repeal of the individual mandate without a workable alternative, which include higher premiums and fewer Americans with coverage.


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