Our Promise

CardiaPill® is our lead product.


CardioPharma, Inc. is focused on the global development of combinatorial cardiovascular products. The company's pipeline is cardiovascular disease – pharmaco-economic-centric - designing products to be highly cost-effective, targeting reduced expenditures at all levels, with proven efficacy, and providing both patient and provider convenience in order to minimize what has become an epic problem throughout healthcare: compliance. At CardioPharma, we believe our products are in the right place at the right time! more informationWhile CardiaPill®, the lead product of CardioPharma, broadly targets cardiovascular disease, pipeline products focus on specific cardiovascular disease patient populations, such as metabolic syndrome and Lupus. The company's pipeline is backed by intellectual property that has issued in the US, EU and other international markets. CardioPharma believes that additional anticipated patents will further strengthen our company’s future.
The principal elements of our strategy comprise:
  • Aggressively advancing our cardiovascular product candidates
  • Successfully commercializing our products throughout the world
  • Establishing cost-effective, compliance-based global cardiovascular disease treatment protocols
  • Building strategic relationships that enhance and complement our product development and commercial organization
  • Protecting and enhancing the intellectual property surrounding our products
  • Continuing to build our strong management and scientific expertise